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Family Practice Salary and Employment Statistics

The 2017 Primary Care Salary Survey annual reports are now available! Results from the annual Primary Care salary survey highlight annual average primary care physician salaries. Respondent demographics including region of practice, board certification, and time frame for making next job change are also covered in detail in the full salary survey report.

Children that experience brain injuries may develop ADHD

Source: Reuters

A new study has revealed that children hospitalized with traumatic brain injuries may have a higher risk of developing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) later in life. 48 percent of the 187 children studied developed a symptom of ADHD within seven years of hospitalization for a brain injury. Approximately one in five children with a TBI will be diagnosed with ADHD. The study showed several other factors that led to an increased risk of an ADHD diagnosis.

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Children unknowingly at fault for spread of whooping cough

Source: Michigan News

A new study is revealing that the resurgence of whooping cough in the United States is due to infant exposure from other children ages 5 to 20. These children often times do not know they are carrying the disease and unknowingly pass it along to infants they encounter. The group of adults with natural immunity to the disease has gotten smaller, also contributing to the resurgence. Health officials encourage all children to get the series of whooping cough shots to help protect infants, especially if they have infant siblings.

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