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New 3-D spinal cord atlas will help injury treatment

Source: STAT News

Affiliates with the Seattle Science Foundation will create an online 3-D atlas of the spinal cord. The online atlas will offer open access and allow physicians to look closer at the spinal cord. The atlas will consist of spinal cord anatomy and the microscopic anatomy of cells and tissue. The affiliates hope that the atlas can be used to personalize spinal cord care to patients after spinal cord accidents as well as allow new treatments to be developed.

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Gene Therapy improves spinal cord injuries

Source: UT Southwestern Medical Center

A UT Southwestern’s O’Donnel Brain Institute study turned on astrocytes in mice cells and saw results of smaller scars from spinal injuries. When the LZK gene of astrocytes is turned on, astrogliosis begins and cells form around injured neurons. When the gene is taken away, injury scars are being and recovery response is affected. Researchers are conducting more research on astrocyte reactivity and its effect on spinal cord and brain injuries.

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